The LEGO company logo (above in LEGO) — though this is not the complete square of the recognizable logo, it is enough of the whole to “give it away.”  For all of my LEGO mosaics that I have kids build at events, there can be a “small mosaic” and a “large mosaic.” Here is my son building the smaller version:

This was the biggest LEGO mosaic for kids that we built at BrickMagic 2012; we also did this mosaic for the Children’s Event at the Educators Marketplace yesterday.

It was 8 16×16 plates wide and 4 high. The image above is the smaller original version that served as the initial pattern for the bigger one pictured below.  This mosaic has pretty good recognition once you have most of the top or bottom row on there so that kids can start seeing the outlines of the letters. And, of course, I’m doing these at LEGO fan events, so it’s not like “LEGO” isn’t already on everyone’s mind. That helps. 🙂

You may note some discrepancies between the mosaic above from the one below — there are always some quality control issues when you have a large number of kids (and even adults) simultaneously building and submitting quadrants of a mosaic. In this case there were several “QC issues” I didn’t notice before taking the picture.

But here it is all cleaned up with all the right bricks in all the right places …


For this post I’d like to walk you through the LEGO Mosaic Event as much as possible without you stopping by and bricking yourself.

As you approached our table at BrickMagic you would see a bunch of kids (and even some adults) building something. I or one of my assistants would ask, “Would you like to help us build a LEGO Mosaic?” Then we’d hand you a sheet like this:

We’d also hand you a 16×16 baseplate and go over the instructions. “Follow the pattern on the build guide. Use the bricks we’ve got right here — you’ll be building with White, Red, Brown, and Tan. Just make the baseplate look like the picture…this one is one piece to our bigger puzzle that we’re building here …. ‘some italian plumber.'”

We had a bunch of plastic tubs filled with LEGO 2x2s and 2x4s for you to build with. It was neat to see how quickly it made sense to kids, and how much fun they had … playing with someone else’s LEGO toys. 🙂

When they were done with their individual baseplate, it would get added to the bigger puzzle. Some kids were content to move on to see other things, so we’d point out if they stopped back by in a few minutes they could see the finished mosaic. Other kids liked to stay and keep building baseplates until the mosaic they were working on was finished. Still others enjoyed staying through several mosaics. It was a lot of fun! 🙂

Here’s the finished Italian Plumber … do you know this guy?


This smart kid comes from one of our family’s favorite tv shows. If you visited our event on Saturday at BrickMagic, we only attempted to put Phineas together once, before we realized that I had miscalculated the number of light blue pieces I needed for the background. 🙁 Fortunately, a trip to the Raleigh LEGO Store that evening ensured that Phineas was buildable for Sunday’s event.

As with yesterday’s famous frog, this mosaic was built as a puzzle from smaller 16×16 baseplates that kids got to build and help us put the bigger mosaic together.

BrickMagic LEGO Festival 2012

BrickMagic LEGO Festival 2012

The 3rd annual BrickMagic LEGO festival is coming up this May. The public days are Saturday & Sunday May 19-20 at the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown. Public days are for those who want to come and see what others have built. If you would like to build something for display and come early for a few more special events, you can register as an exhibitor.

I’ve been thrilled to be able to display my creations along with those of the many other talented builders that come. Last year I had the privilege of being able to display several of my larger mosaics in the main entrance hallway. This year it looks like I’ll get to be involved a little bit more hands-on, but I’ll have more information to share about that later.

In the meantime, here are a few more of the details, and be sure to check out the website, too:

  • Meet Certified Professional LEGO builder DAN PARKER, and help him build a 5 ft. wide DEATHSTAR!
  • See a huge hall of custom LEGO creations by top builders from around the country!
  • Play with over 20,000 loose LEGO bricks in our FREE BUILD ROOM (sponsored by Lay-N-Go)!
  • Meet professional minifigure customizer JARED K. BURKS, who will hold free minifig workshops!
  • Attend workshops on building tips and techniques!
  • Meet the team from SHATTERPOINT ENTERTAINMENT, as they demonstrate the making of animated LEGO films (which will run continuously in our Theater Room all weekend)!
  • Watch a robotics competition by First® LEGO® League teams, and try hands-on demonstrations of MINDSTORMS robots!
  • Shop for hard-to-find LEGO parts and sets, and purchase our special LIMITED EDITION SPACEFIGHTER EVENT KIT, available only at BrickMagic!
  • Be the first to see the TOP SECRET NEW SETS that LEGO will debut exclusively at BrickMagic 2012!
  • Meet JOE MENO, editor of BrickJournal magazine, and author of the new books YOU CAN BUILD IT and THE CULT OF LEGO, which debut at BrickMagic 2012!
  • Enter the SPACESHIP BUILDING CONTEST and win prizes!
  • Plus lots more!