Made From Scratch?

Well, yes. Not with flour, eggs, and real chocolate chips, but with real LEGO bricks, and no instructions. This piece of LEGO art was inspired by an office party. We celebrated National Dessert Day, October 14th, at my office by everyone bringing in a batch of cookies. In addition to my wife’s scrumptious M & M cookies, I brought in this sculpture.

425° for 10 Minutes…

The most common question I was asked is, “how long did it take to build?” While I didn’t keep exact records, over the course of several evenings I spent a leisurely 4-6 hours. The upper end of that would probably include my failed first version that fell apart. My rebuild was much stronger. This final draft is completely solid and not held together by glue. I only had one little tan 1×2 on the front right corner of the bite that kept wanting to fall out.

And just to prove I didn’t cheat … here’s the flip-side. Look–it’s got chocolate chips, too! 🙂