What’s not to love about a guy that gets chopped in half by Obi Wan Kenobi?

Anyhow, this bad boy measures in at 20″x30″ (64×96 LEGO pixels) and is comprised of eleven colors: black, light bluish grey, dark blue, dark bluish grey, dark pink, orange,  red, reddish brown, sand green, tan, and yellow.

I found a decent picture on Wookiepedia to use as a reference starting point. I loved the characteristic Darth Maul snarl and figured it would make for a good portrait. Darth Maul’s distinct and easily recognizable facial markings also make for good subject matter — especially when the primary colors of the makeup are two of the five basic colors of LEGO: red and black (the others being blue, yellow, and white). The background in the reference picture was pretty blank so I used tan and grey to be reminiscent of Tatooine, where the Sith Apprentice first reveals himself to Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn. I like the horizontal ue of grey bringing out the perpindicular affect against Darth Maul’s Vertical stance. He appears momentarily still, willing for the publicity shot the paparazzi is pulling, but ready to bite off his lens cap.

Posing with the Boys

It may be hard to tell, but I asked the boys to give me their scariest “Darth Maul” looks. May be hard to do wearing Curious George T-Shirts, I dunno. But they enjoyed themselves. It didn’t take a lot of prodding to get the two of them to pose alongside daddy’s latest LEGO portait mosaic. They’ve been very eager the last couple of days while I worked on it, “Daddy, can I see Darth Maul?”

This photo was actually the first I took. Christopher was giving a small snarl, but Patrick is demonstrating his natural ability to be facially expressive. For all the extreme expressions he gives us at times, it makes me wonder if a face can be double-jointed.

Note: Darth Maul and Star Wars are registered trademarks and copyrighted things belonging to George Lucas. No infringement is intended by me on these copyrights; I am simply demonstrating an example from my personal collection that I have made with LEGO bricks. Much as a writer of an magazine article would paraphrase a line from a book and state that he was making such a paraphrase, so I am “paraphrasing” the essence of George Lucas’s work via the medium of LEGO, rather than the written word. 🙂