This is my son, Christopher. He is six and very proud of having lost two teeth in recent months. The mosaic doesn’t actually portray him minus two teeth, though that might be a fun one to try. The photo I used was taken a few months ago, and I’d actually done a lot of the preliminary work for the mosaic (cropping, converting it to a plan in PicToBrick and Photoshop), but I’ve had several other projects going on as well.

Getting back to this particular mosaic was great because I was able to accomplish a couple goals: 1) I wanted to get back to doing a portrait of a live person, since my last couple have been movie/television characters, 2) I wanted to get another done in my series of personal family members, and 3) I wanted to try out a relatively small sized mosaic.

Don’t get me wrong — I thoroughly enjoyed making Darth Maul as well as Bob & Larry, but there’s a sense where those are the easier types of mosaics to do — they make use of very distinct, basic colors. The red and black color schem of Darth Maul creates an easier contrast to portray in plastic brick than flesh tones, but I think this one turned out very nice.

And the other main challenge here was to get a nice looking mosaic from a small base, in this case 15″x20″. That means 48 studs by 64 studs. The key is to zoom in close enough to the face that you can recognize the face, but not so close in that the whole mosaic is nose. 🙂