The LEGO company logo (above in LEGO) — though this is not the complete square of the recognizable logo, it is enough of the whole to “give it away.”  For all of my LEGO mosaics that I have kids build at events, there can be a “small mosaic” and a “large mosaic.” Here is my son building the smaller version:

This was the biggest LEGO mosaic for kids that we built at BrickMagic 2012; we also did this mosaic for the Children’s Event at the Educators Marketplace yesterday.

It was 8 16×16 plates wide and 4 high. The image above is the smaller original version that served as the initial pattern for the bigger one pictured below.  This mosaic has pretty good recognition once you have most of the top or bottom row on there so that kids can start seeing the outlines of the letters. And, of course, I’m doing these at LEGO fan events, so it’s not like “LEGO” isn’t already on everyone’s mind. That helps. 🙂

You may note some discrepancies between the mosaic above from the one below — there are always some quality control issues when you have a large number of kids (and even adults) simultaneously building and submitting quadrants of a mosaic. In this case there were several “QC issues” I didn’t notice before taking the picture.

But here it is all cleaned up with all the right bricks in all the right places …