LEGO Mosaics

LEGO Mosaic: National Geoplastic


National Geoplastic, a LEGO Mosaic by Duckingham Design
Sometimes the job of friends is to remind you of your own epic fails in life. This one may not be *quite* as epic, but it has been a year since I built this mosaic, not to mention displaying it at BrickMagic 2011, so … mildly epic fail, at least. 🙂 So, thank you, Sue, for reminding MamaDuck to remind me to get this thing posted. 🙂

Another thing … the “built the mosaic” and the “display[ed] it at BrickMagic 2011” are very closely connected. In fact, MamaDuck, Duck Jr., and I put the whole thing together in our hotel room at the Hilton the day before the event. I’d designed it by hand on the computer already … we just hadn’t had a chance to piece it together. This also explains why our van was weighted down with excessive amounts of loose LEGO brick, too … had to make sure I had enough of everything. As it stood, we were *extremely* lucky to find that the Raleigh LEGO store *did* in fact have yellow 2×6’s and 2×4’s to help finish out the distinctive border. Something tells me that this mosaic wouldn’t have had quite the same effect if the border had been … say, green, or blue. 🙂

National Geoplastic is the third in my series of LEGO mosaic magazine parodies, following Mime Magazine and DuckJournal. For those of you who *just don’t get the reference* the idea here is a LEGO brick parody of the great adventuring magazine, National Geographic, and the famous cover with King Tut, here replaced with a LEGO King Tut. This is an homage, not only to the magazine, but also to the Pharoh’s Quest series of LEGO sets from 2011. (one of my favorite LEGO lines of all time, though sadly my set-buying budget has been down, and I only walked away with the 2 small sets from the series.)