image of Mime Magazine Mime of the Year LEGO Mosaic by Duckingham Design

Building a LEGO magazine cover

Mime Magazine is the first in a series of 3 LEGO mosaics I built and displayed for BrickMagic 2011. Each of the 3 mosaics is a parody of a popular magazine. Playing on the popularity of the new LEGO Mime minifig, I thought it appropriate to announce a “Mime of the Year” in Mime magazine, complete with the red-bordered representation of the original magazine, Time.

Facts about LEGO Mime Magazine

Built: February 2011
Size: 35″ x 45″
5 Colors: Black, Red, White, Lt. Grey (Bley), Dk. Grey (Bley)
4500 pieces

image of Mime Magazine LEGO Mosaic, work in Progress in Progress early February 2011 image of Close-up of the finished face of Mime Magazine image of the Mime putting together a piece for the Mime Magazine LEGO Mosaic