This MOC was inspired by my 6-year old son, who took a minifig head that had bright blue sunglasses and stuck it on the body of a storm trooper. I got a big kick out of it and got to thinking how funny it would be to put together an assortment of storm troopers with a variety of faces. And then I came up the slogan about the Empire being an EEOC afiliate. What better representation of big government than The Empire from the Star Wars saga. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this MOC together. It got tricky trying to figure out the right number of minifigs to use.

My first photo session had 6 or 7 more minifigs than this one, but it was way too crowded, and Darth Primate was over their heads. That left a lot of whitespace to the sides and detracted from the shot. But I really felt that he was necessary — I can’t remember anywhere else I’ve seen a 4-lightsaber wielding LEGO monkey, and that idea in itself was almost worth its own picture. On the other hand, I felt he fit right in as yet another species that the Empire wouldn’t discriminate against — especially since he hasn’t removed any of his own limbs flinging those 4 lightsabers around. 🙂

The wheelchair is largely based on one done by Brickshelf user mijasper. Again, while I may have seen someone give a monkey a lightsaber (though I can’t think of any examples right off), I’ve certainly not seen him pulling a General Grievous, and especially not with 4 dark side-colored red lightsabers. And, if you’re wondering, yes, that is a whip in the hand of the guy on the back-left — right actor, wrong movie, I guess. 🙂 And the Imperial Guard is not other than a bespecktacled Harry Potter. I love the contrast of the old guy’s white beard along with his black pilot’s outfit — makes me wonder how hot it is in the helmet with all that beard stuffed in there. 🙂 And I very much appreciate the LEGO Company diversifying it’s offerings of various flesh-colored minifigs over the last few years, particularly in the licensed sets. It’s helped spice up the variety. GO MINIMAN GO!