“The Bread Collector” is my entry in Classic Castle’sJob Muller’s” contest. The idea is to present a MOC about a job that didn’t exist in medieval times. I came up with a couple good ideas, and the following was my entry.


Context is everything. This particular make is a direct reference to a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a movie that I can’t fully endorse, but has several hilarious and well-known, much-referenced  scenes. In this particular scene of the film, the “Dead Collector” and his crew are making their way with a large cart through a plague-riddled town, collecting the bodies of those who have succumbed (in death) to plague. Humor ensues when one gentlemen tries to get rid of an old man who pipes up and says, “I’m not dead” and tries to prove his point by saying things like “I’m going for a walk,” and “I feel happy.”

I’m not sure what exactly got my train of thought in this direction, but it was probably a “what if…” In this case, “What if the guy wasn’t saying, “bring out your dead,” — what if he was saying, “bring out your bread.”

Here’s a close-up of the Bread Collector dickering with the Unsavory Fellow:


And here is an overview of the entire MOC:


I plan to follow-up this post with another discussing some of the particular aspects of the MOC, but for purpose of publishing these images for the contest, I am limited to 3 images, hence those posted here.