Whenever you have to explain a joke, it’s not nearly as funny. This post may be something akin to that, but hopefully not. My primary intention is to point out the intended allusions and differences between the inspiration for this MOC, and the MOC itself  — just some things that you might have missed if you weren’t looking real carefully. (By the way, if you missed it, check out my original post about The Bread Collector or “Bring Out Your Dead”).

The Job Muller Contest

I’ll admit, first off, that The Bread Collector was my second idea. I still want to go back and do my first idea, so I won’t say anything about it for now.  But why not subscribe to my feed by RSS or email and stay tuned…:) (okay, that was shameless self-promotion, wasn’t it?)

Anyhow, for whatever reason I was thinking about the Monty Python skit and said to myself, “what if the guy was calling out, ‘bring out your bread’ and some of the peasants have armloads of bread, and then there’s the guy carrying an old man who is saying, ‘I’m not bread.'”

The Bread Collection Crew

This is a 4-man crew. In the movie, you have the “Dead Collector”, two guys pushing the cart, and another guy pulling. In the movie, they were all wearing brown hoods and stuff, so my front man doesn’t exactly fit, but that’s part of the joke. I love the expression on his face, and the green helps bring the whole thing out more.

The Bread Collector

bread-collector In the movie, he’s the guy banging the giant spoon or mace or whatever against a triangle. The sound effects crew seemed to have that thing making much more noise than you’d expect, and what in the world? Aren’t you supposed to use a triangle like that out on a farm to round everyone up for dinner?

Well, I didn’t think I could make a very convincing minifig scale triangle, so I went with a dinner plate from my Castle Advent calendar.

Woman beating out a cat

You may not notice it the first time through on the skit, but up the stairs there is a woman beating out a cat against the wall. If you don’t notice it visually right away, you probably noticed it audibly. That cat is not too happy. No explanation is offered (that I recall) for a woman beating out a cat, but such an element must not be overlooked in a MOC. 🙂 Admitedly, that cat was black and mine is white … but it’s the thought and the limitations of one’s LEGO pieces that count. woman-beating-cat

Skeleton in the Wash Tub

skeleton-in-washtub In the scene-setting first half of the skit it seemed like there were a lot of people inexplicably crawling into barrels and buckets and tubs. So I thought a skeleton would be appropriate. And fun. Plus, I was running out of brown outfits. And besides, a skeleton sticking out of a tub is much funnier than a peasant. Doing anything. Usually. Sometimes.

Random Peasants

Speaking of peasants … there were a lot of them in the skit, so I had to include a few. These ones happen to be adhering to the Bread Collector’s call. peasants-with-bread

The Unsavory Fellow

unsavory-fellow He probably has a real name. Like Ralph. Or Throgmorten. But to me, he is The Unsavory Fellow. Why? Well, you’d have to be pretty unsavory to pawn off an old man as a loaf of bread … or an already-dead-fellow. In the movie, he looked pretty much like all the guys on the Dead Collection crew. So I wanted my man to look unique. A little more unsavory. Yet shrewd. And here he is!

The old man

Who is he? Where did he come from? Why was The Unsavory Fellow trying to pawn him off as dead or bread? And why did he want to go for a walk? We may never know. But there he is. A victim of circumstance and plague. old-man-bread


I’ve read that every episode of Seinfeld has a Superman in it somewhere. I’m not a fan of Seinfeld (only ever seen bits and pieces), and I don’t have an easy way to incorporate Superman (note-to-self: lobby LEGO to acquire license for Superman the next time a movie comes out), but I have spent some time acquiring frogs. And you can tuck frogs in just about anywhere. Sure, I didn’t notice any frogs in that part of the film, but lets just call this part of my MOC signature. 🙂 Ooh. Maybe I could make my MOCs be like those little picture search things like you have in Highlights.

Anyhow, there are 5 frogs in this MOC. All are visible from the main overview image of the MOC that I included on my previous post. Can you find them all? I’ll give you a hint: 4 are green and 1 is blue-grey.