Does that title sound mildly redundant? Maybe it did. But I’m not just talking about your standard 12 inch ruler. This one is made out of LEGO. It doesn’t measure inches or centimeters — just units of LEGO. The original idea for this one comes¬† from Allan Bedford and The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide. A LEGO ruler comes in very handy when you’re building things on a bigger scale, or when you’re trying to get some details just right.

Here’s my original build of Allan’s design:


You can use whatever colors you want. I really liked the contrast presented here by the yellow and blue. The model pictured here is the one I’ve personally been using for a couple years now.

But, one of the flaws I’ve found for me,¬† is that, since I use it a lot, and since it is only two plates deep, it’s a bit fragile. On the other hand, this also makes it easier to move it around and get it in tight spots. I suppose one solution might be to glue it permanently. But not everyone is keen on gluing their bricks. So I tried to build a couple variations that are a little sturdier.

LEGO Ruler Variation A


In case you hadn’t noticed, that is three views of the same ruler. Note the thing that make it sturdier: bricks sandwiched between plates. It also makes it thicker, so I added an alternative way to measure: technic pins. And, since I’m using technic bricks and pins, I can adjust how wide I want to measure. The one caveat there is that you can’t put a hole where two technic bricks come together, so you’re somewhat limited as to how you can arrange them. Here I’m doing it by 4’s, and you can see that my cart measures 16 studs long.


LEGO Ruler Variation B

Here is another sturdy variation, but with a set of measurements on the top and the bottom to sort of let you measure “left-handed” or right-handed.


Later this week I’ll post instructions for how to build these rulers.