Here are some pictures demonstrating how to build one of  the LEGO Rulers that I discussed in my previous post.

LEGO Ruler Variation A: The Porcupine

In case it isn’t obvious, this one gets its name from the use of the Technic pins along the one side.

Step 1


Start with 5 2×6 plates.

Step 2


Add 3 1×10 Technic bricks.

Step 3


Use 3 1×1 bricks each of two different colors. This makes it easier to quickly count off by 5’s or 10’s when measuring something.

Step 4


Add 6 1×4 bricks or 12 1×2 bricks to fill in the gaps. I happened to use 1×2’s here because I liked the color contrast and didn’t have anything longer than the 1×2’s in sky blue.

Step 5


Cap it off with 5 more 2×6 plates.

Step 6


Flip the ruler around and fill in with technic pins. You can put them in any increment you want, but be careful on the spacing. It gets sticky when you need a pin to go exactly where the two bricks meet (there’s not a hole space where there’s supposed tobe!) I solved this here by going every 4 instead of every 5.  Having a different measurement length on this side  also gives you an alternate scale to measure by. I

If you still want a different scale than what I have here, experiment with different lengths of technic bricks to get the spacing you want.