When designing portraits and sculptures out of Lego, one thing that can be extremely helpful is graph paper.

Now, you couldjust go out and buy some standard graph paper, but we can take it a step further. How about graph paper that is designed specifically for Lego bricks — the squares measure the right dimensions. Now that would be awesome.

And there are a number of places out there on the web that you can find various Lego graph paper, but I wasn’t satisfied by anything I found, so I designed my own.

My graph paper measures 24 studs by 28 studs and is numbered on all 4 sides, in different directions so that you can get just about whatever count you want. I’ve also made heavier lines every 4 studs, so it’s easier to find your place and count.

I’ve also made the document a pdf so it is extra easy for anyone to download and print. Enjoy!

Design Grid – 1:1 Scale [24×28 Top View Numbered, 4×4 delineations]