Just for Fun an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) will build MOCs. A MOC is AFOL-speak for “My Own Creation.” Typically it refers to vignettes, stand-alone builds,  or landscaped creations that look like the adult was simply “playing.” So, these are all examples of what I come up with when I’m playing. 🙂


The Bread Collector

The Bread Collector is a parody of The Dead Collector skit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “Bring out your dead” becomes “bring out your bread.” 🙂

See also, Allusions to Monthy Python in “The Bread Collector”



They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha, Haa!

I was inspired to do this little vignette when I acquired the new head below. It immediately spoke to me words from the famous song. 🙂



THE EMPIRE: An Equal Opportunity Employer

The Empire is not what it used to be. Having been sued for all kinds of stuff, they’ve had to move past their simple cloning efforts and allow people and other things from all walks of life the opportunity for employment. 🙂