Here’s a recent portrait I was commissioned to do for this young man’s bar mitzvah. He is a big fan of LEGO, and will very soon enter the world of “TFOLs” (teen fans of LEGO). This project was a bit different in that he wanted to be able to build the mosaic himself. So I did the design work, assembled the LEGO bricks, put together a little instruction booklet, and shipped the package off.

LEGO Duckingham Logo (a LEGO portrait)
The Duckingham Logo, a LEGO portrait

Okay, so I’ve built the Duckingham Logo out of LEGO before. But that one only fit on one large grey baseplate — measured at 15″x15″. I wanted something bigger for BrickMagic.

So I went a size up—used 4 green baseplates, so I’m measuring 20″x20″ for this one. I was very satisfied at the improved resolution.

Would you believe I spent Thursday evening before BrickMagic putting this one together? That would explain why I was so tired that morning…;)


This is my son, Christopher. He is six and very proud of having lost two teeth in recent months. The mosaic doesn’t actually portray him minus two teeth, though that might be a fun one to try. The photo I used was taken a few months ago, and I’d actually done a lot of the preliminary work for the mosaic (cropping, converting it to a plan in PicToBrick and Photoshop), but I’ve had several other projects going on as well. Continue reading “LEGO Portrait: Christopher”


A Few Quick Facts:

Size: 30″ x 30″

Pieces used: 4,212 (1×1’s, 1×2’s, 1×3’s, 1×4’s, 1×6’s, 1×8’s, 2×2’s, 2×3’s, 2×4’s)

Colors used: 15  (Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Grey (dk. bley), Lime, Light Blue, Green, Light Grey (lt. bley), Orange, Pink, Red, Tan, White, Yellow)

The inspiration for this portrait mosaic

After the great way my Duckingham cartoon character turned out in a previous post, I wanted to do another, just for fun. The boys have watched Jonah 3 or 4 times in the last week, and Patrick keeps asking to see it again.
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Admiring the Finished Product

Here is Kristina getting a first good look at the hardest LEGO Mosaic I’ll ever do. Why the hardest? That’s easy: it was my first. Many are the lessons I learned through the six month process. Six months?! Yes. Tina was a little over six months old when I decided to embark on the journey of me converting some of my creative energy into artwork through one of my life-long favorite artistic mediums: LEGO bricks.

When I first started the project I decided to work from my existing collection of bricks. If you keep in mind the fact that I acquired most of my childhood collection of bricks before the brick separator tool had been invented, you will understand part of why this was a mistake. That, and the fact that, since LEGO went to their new process of producing LEGO bricks a few years ago, there is quite a color difference in several of the colors (particularly grey and brown) — and since those colors were the ones that predominantly made up my mosaic…but I’m getting ahead of myself.
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What’s not to love about a guy that gets chopped in half by Obi Wan Kenobi?

Anyhow, this bad boy measures in at 20″x30″ (64×96 LEGO pixels) and is comprised of eleven colors: black, light bluish grey, dark blue, dark bluish grey, dark pink, orange,  red, reddish brown, sand green, tan, and yellow.

I found a decent picture on Wookiepedia to use as a reference starting point. I loved the characteristic Darth Maul snarl and figured it would make for a good portrait. Darth Maul’s distinct and easily recognizable facial markings also make for good subject matter — especially when the primary colors of the makeup are two of the five basic colors of LEGO: red and black (the others being blue, yellow, and white). The background in the reference picture was pretty blank so I used tan and grey to be reminiscent of Tatooine, where the Sith Apprentice first reveals himself to Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn. Continue reading “LEGO Portrait: Darth Maul”