On Becoming Plastic, a LEGO portrait in 3 easy steps


1) Let’s Get Started 2) Let’s Get the Ball Rolling 3) Let’s Get ‘r Done
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Contact Me
Typically a potential customer will email me through the contact form on my website. If you’ve looked around and have an idea of what you’d like, let me know.

Things I’ll Ask About
An Image–I need a photo or two to work from. Preferably the subject you intend immortalize in plastic. Tip: A digital image is best, since you can email it, but I can work with physical photos, too.

A Size–I do 4 basic rectangle sizes, and 4 square sizes. (But really, if you want the portrait to cover your living room well, great … let’s do it … if you’re buying, I’m flying!)

The Colors–There are about 16 LEGO colors that are most readily available and are the pallet I normally work from. However, if you’re looking for something different, I’m happy to work with you … grey-scale, blue overtones, inversed colors, or working into the rarer colors of the over 50 different ones that LEGO has produced over the years.

Ballpark Quote
Once I have a better idea of what you’re looking for … size, colors, etc.,  I can give you a ballpark price quote. I’ll be honest with you … this is where lots of folks walk away. Art, in any medium is not cheap. And for this we are using molded, ABS plastic.

Once you get past the sticker shock, let me know and we can get the ball rolling…

The Mock-Up
Once you tell me you’re ready to go with it, I start designing. Now, if you just want something cheap and pixelated, and are the kind of person who likes do-it-yourself projects, there are computer programs out there that can do this for you. I recommend PicToBrick  for that. (Learn more about doing it yourself) But if you want a portrait that is hand-designed by an experienced artist, than that’s what the mock-up is all about.

I will design the mock-up and then email you the results and a price quote.

Sometimes the first mock-up is exactly what the customer had in mind. Sometimes it isn’t. If you need me to tweak the design, I am happy to do that, just let me know. I won’t build it for you if you haven’t approved it.

Once we’ve come to an agreement on what will be built, then we can Get it Done…

Just a few last details
Since I can ship these things to anywhere in the world, I’ve got to account for shipping & handling costs separately from the price of the model. Of course, if you live within short driving distance of Greenville, SC, I’m be glad to deliver your portrait to you personally, if you prefer. Otherwise, I need to know your mailing address.

I’ll send you a paypal invoice for the price of the portait along with shipping & handling costs and applicable taxes, fun stuff like that.

If you need a paper invoice instead, that’s fine — it’s a little slower by mail, but I can do that.

So now I build. And glue. And try not to sniff the glue. And frame. And send.

I pack these things pretty safely and securely and send them by UPS so they can be healthily insured and handled. If you need them shipped a different way, that’s fine, just let me know at the approval stage.