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LEGO Mosaic: DuckJournal Magazine

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DuckJournal Magazine: For LEGO Duck enthusiasts everywhere!   All good AFOLs (Adult fans of LEGO) know about BrickJournal magazine. After I built my Mime Magazine mosaic, I started brainstorming about other magazine titles that would be fun to cover as LEGO. BrickJournal seemed to be an obvious choice, and mixing it up with a Duck […]

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LEGO Mosaic: Mime Magazine

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Building a LEGO magazine cover Mime Magazine is the first in a series of 3 LEGO mosaics I built and displayed for BrickMagic 2011. Each of the 3 mosaics is a parody of a popular magazine. Playing on the popularity of the new LEGO Mime minifig, I thought it appropriate to announce a “Mime of […]

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The Life and Death of a Logo (LEGO, or otherwise)

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The specification for HTML is one of those rare things that is the successful result of being run by committee. Or two. Considering the tens of thousands (if not millions) of HTML coders worldwide, we accept that a committee (or two) is superior than a democracy. But, as something being run by a committee (or […]

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LEGO Dog Sculptures: Basset Hounds

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These LEGO Basset Hounds were a recent commission I did for someone who really likes Basset Hounds and was looking for a unique gift for his wife (who also really likes Bassets). He was looking for something similar to the Basset out in front of the LEGO Store in Orlando, but not as costly to […]

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I Want a New Duck

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Okay, so I’ve built the Duckingham Logo out of LEGO before. But that one only fit on one large grey baseplate — measured at 15″x15″. I wanted something bigger for BrickMagic. So I went a size up—used 4 green baseplates, so I’m measuring 20″x20″ for this one. I was very satisfied at the improved resolution. […]

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LEGO Cookies & Milk (life-size sculpture)

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I’ve made LEGO Chocolate Chip Cookies before, but this task was a bit different: build life-size cookies and a corresponding glass of LEGO milk. It was a pretty straightforward matter to draw a cookie shape on a piece of LEGO graph paper, and generally determine color and where chocolate chips could go. I also attempted […]

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LEGO Event: Show’n’tell at 2nd Grade

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This past Friday I had the privilege of going to show-n-tell with my son. What does this have to do with a LEGO art website? Glad you asked! Christopher’s teacher had asked for parents to volunteer to come in and tell about their jobs. While my LEGO freelance artist thing is nothing like a full-time […]

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LEGO Mosaic: Flickr Logo

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I enjoy using Flickr for a number of things. Recently I found the “Flickr fan art” group and couldn’t find any logos built with LEGO. So I built one. There are 731 LEGO bricks in the mosaic: 46 pink, 303 blue, and 382 white. I discovered that having all that white in there makes it […]

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LEGO Sculpture: A LEGO Puzzle Portrait

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I displayed this LEGO sculpture at BrickWorld this past summer, and it was a big hit with guests—adults and kids alike. Why a Puzzle? One day it dawned on me that I’d never seen a jigsaw puzzle made out of LEGO bricks. At that point it became a simple matter of determining what image to […]

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BrickWorld 2009 — Thursday Afternoon

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For the afternoon event, Maria and I went to a workshop given by David Gregory on how to use PicToBrick to create mosaics out of LEGO bricks. We got there early to avoid having to sit clear in the back like we’d ended up having to do for the morning session with Arthur Gugick. 🙁 […]

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