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Bert, Side-Scroller Wannabe


Who is Bert? Okay, bit of a long story here. We’re going to take a trip back to the late ’80’s. Yes, I’m a child of he 80’s. Okay, born in 1976, but Ronald Reagan is still the first president … Continue reading

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USPS delivers my Bricklink orders


Imagine my surprise to pull into the parking lot at our condo complex and see a strange shadowy shape next to my front door. USPS decided to get a bit creative when delivering my packages. Note that there are two … Continue reading

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LEGO Portrait: Baby Kristina


Admiring the Finished Product Here is Kristina getting a first good look at the hardest LEGO Mosaic I’ll ever do. Why the hardest? That’s easy: it was my first. Many are the lessons I learned through the six month process. … Continue reading

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