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LEGO Tools: Graph Paper (in scale — side view)

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[Update 8/7/12 — I just did a revision of my old LEGO Graph Paper; the thumbnail above is new, and the attached PDF is new; all the other info below is the same.] This is a brief follow-up to my previous post on using graph paper as a tool for LEGO building. That article talked […]

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Some Italian Plumber — As Seen at BrickMagic 2012

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For this post I’d like to walk you through the LEGO Mosaic Event as much as possible without you stopping by and bricking yourself. As you approached our table at BrickMagic you would see a bunch of kids (and even some adults) building something. I or one of my assistants would ask, “Would you like […]

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Some Smart Kid — as seen at BrickMagic 2012

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This smart kid comes from one of our family’s favorite tv shows. If you visited our event on Saturday at BrickMagic, we only attempted to put Phineas together once, before we realized that I had miscalculated the number of light blue pieces I needed for the background. 🙁 Fortunately, a trip to the Raleigh LEGO […]

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Some Famous Frog — as seen at BrickMagic 2012

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This Famous Frog is one of the mosaics we used for our event at BrickMagic this past weekend. Note the smaller version on the left, and the double-sized version that lots of kids helped us build. We’ll be posting more of the mosaics and more pictures from the event over the next few days.

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Boy in Red

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Here’s a recent portrait I was commissioned to do for this young man’s bar mitzvah. He is a big fan of LEGO, and will very soon enter the world of “TFOLs” (teen fans of LEGO). This project was a bit different in that he wanted to be able to build the mosaic himself. So I […]

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LEGO Portraits: Pinned Heads

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pinhead* –noun 1. the head of a pin. 2. something very small or insignificant. 3. Slang . a stupid person; nitwit. pinned head -noun 1. the face of a minifig appearing “pinned” on a backboard, particularly as portrayed in the form of a LEGO mosaic I recently wondered how it would look to do a […]

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The Wicked sMartans

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LEGO has an amazing product line called Mindstorms — programmable robots that you design and build with LEGO parts.  And there are actually quite a few organized competitions and leagues where kids work together to build and program these LEGO mindstorms robots to manage specific challenges. These events are great contributors to kids’ understanding of […]

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LEGO Mosaic: National Geoplastic

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National Geoplastic, a LEGO Mosaic by Duckingham Design

Sometimes the job of friends is to remind you of your own epic fails in life. This one may not be *quite* as epic, but it has been a year since I built this mosaic, not to mention displaying it at BrickMagic 2011, so … mildly epic fail, at least. 🙂 So, thank you, Sue, […]

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BrickMagic 2012 is Coming Up!

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BrickMagic LEGO Festival 2012

The 3rd annual BrickMagic LEGO festival is coming up this May. The public days are Saturday & Sunday May 19-20 at the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown. Public days are for those who want to come and see what others have built. If you would like to build something for display and come early for a few […]

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A LEGO Basset Wedding Cake Topper? “I like the Basset you built out of LEGO. Could you make one for a Wedding Cake Topper?” That was the question posed to me by a client recently. The client had seen my previous LEGO basset sculpture, (a quarter of life-size), and was engaged to a man who […]

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